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Does anyone else feel like they are living in a science fiction movie?
No, not the Matrix, that one (well the way it starts, anyway) is too easy.

I grew up on a farm near a small town. The most high tech thing we had was probably the automatic washing machine, and that broke down a lot. My father got a second hand one so he had replacement parts for the first and he seemed to tinker with it often. I used to read stories about spaceships and watch shows like Star Trek.

Today I was at Bangkok airport. It is huge and new and feels very 21st century. Security guards ride about on segways, everyone (including me) has a headset of some kind. I got on a plane, which isn’t a spaceship, though from the inside the difference is a bit subtle. It flies and it gets high enough for the atmosphere to be unbreathable. It goes faster than I can comprehend and, oh yes, I can watch TV on board! Not just what someone is broadcasting, I can pick what I want to see when I see it.

When I was a kid I thought TV was pretty flash, but I could only watch what someone else broadcast and there was only one channel. That was the choice: watch or not. Actually, if I want I can watch videos loaded on my phone (as long as we aren’t taking off or landing).

Now I’m at Singapore airport, another huge place and so big they have trains on overhead rails to carry me between terminals. That is so like space ports I used to read about long ago.

We don’t have flying cars or a moon base yet, but it feels like we’re most of the way there.

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