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The Emperor’s Foul Legacy

Summon Your Dragons The White Fox The Tower of Sheagil

When old King Menish is haunted by dreams of his death and worse he travels to the edge of the Chasm of Kelerish to face out his nightmares. What he finds is something even more disturbing. An ancient hero, perhaps, come to rescue them all from an attack from the north. But Menish has not believed in ancient heroes since the disaster forty years before. And yet this might be all he has to answer the threat.

That’s the first book. It’s not like most fantasy yarns. There aren’t any elves and hardly any dragons. It is about that Chasm. There is a place a bit like it I came across in my travels. Once I saw it I had the idea for the story. Probably best not to say where it is, though.

The other two books follow the story. The White Fox takes place eight years later and The Tower of Sheagil a couple of years on again. The Chasm is important in both.

There’s a fourth book planned. Each time I finish one of them I think there’s nothing more to say, and then I realise there is.

These are the kind of stories that have appendices and a map.

Where Sheep May Safely Graze

Where Sheep May Safely Graze Unpublished Stories

Where Sheep May Safely Graze is a collection of short stories and poems mostly not about sheep. The title is from one of the short stories. They’re gentle stories about heaven, cats and, in some cases, both.

The unpublished stories are some (free) extras I have added to this site.