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Summon Your Dragons is Book 1 of The Emperor’s Foul Legacy.

Is Azkun an ancient hero returned to save them all or just a madman with absurd ideas about dragons? The King of Anthor has no time for ancient heroes and even less time for dragons. Old crimes are coming back to haunt him and old enemies are stirring on his borders. His last hopes may lie with Azkun, whoever he is. This is a gritty fantasy with no elves anywhere and almost no dragons.

I wrote it after spending a lot of time climbing around ancient ruins from Egypt to Orkney, and in my travels I came across a place that gave me the idea for the Chasm of Kelerish. Once I had the Chasm I had the story.

There are two cats briefly referred to in this book: Kimi and Sura. They are based on my real life cats of the same names. Sadly they have passed on now, but there is more about them here

This is the kind of story that has appendices and a map.