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I just have to add my 2c worth on the Harold Camping Rapture prediction since nothing much happened today, well certainly not anything like the ‘return of Christ’. Some of us think He is around all the time anyway so that doesn’t make a lot of sense really.

Here’s a little thought experiment.

The Rapture happened in 1998. Only about 20 people went and they’re on various missing persons lists around the world. Most of them were Buddhists, so it came as a nice surprise for them. For the rest of us, well, we’re still here and we have to put up with what we have. Fortunately that’s not too bad. How would you disprove this?

But, even stranger, the earth was created in 1922, 28 September, 18:02:23. I can do numerology too, you know. It appeared with the rest of the universe fully formed. The people who were instantly created then were loaded with ‘memories’ that convinced them they had been around for a while. This is similar to the dinosaur bones being buried to make the earth look far older.

Yes, this is complete nonsense, and impossible to disprove as well.

Today’s prediction was accompanied by people offering to look after your pets if you were taken. The carers are certified atheists and regularly blaspheme to ensure they’ll stay behind. But how do they know your dog won’t get Raptured as well? There’s no evidence either way on that, I think. And I wouldn’t be so certain the atheists (like the Buddhists) won’t get a surprise on the day. A lot of people seem to miss the ‘saved by Grace’ bit in the Bible. It’s actually the most important bit. But it is not a way to get anyone to do what you want, so it is often overlooked.

Still, we’re still here, so far anyway. Mrs pointed out that the prediction probably didn’t take into account the lost 11 days in the calendar. So maybe we should wait 11 more days. Or not.

I’m frantically working towards a trip to Thailand next week. Mrs also pointed out that maybe we should check they are still there before heading out. Maybe it really was Buddhists who get Raptured.

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