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This shows the events in the sixty years leading up to the start of the tale. Years are given in Relanese chronology.

866 Hrangil was born.

870 Menish was born in Meyathal, son of Kizish, king of Anthor.

874 Adhara was born. She was the daughter of Ashmon, a prominent trader from Kronithal.

880 Thalissa was born. She was the daughter of the house of one of Sinalth’s men.

883 Thealum was born, he was a son of the house of Sinalth

891 Menish was initiated into the Sons of Gilish by Telish IV of Relanor.

892 The Battle with the Gashans. The Relanese armies were largely destroyed. The Duzral Eye was lost and the emperor was killed. But Menish saved the battle and destroyed the Gashans with their own fire. Soon after the battle he married Adhara. Darven was born.

893 The Vorthenki, led by Sinalth, invaded Relanor. Only the fire towers were able to hold out against them. Menish checked their advance at the borders of Anthor. Haragil, Menish’s sister, died defending the palace at Atonir.

898 Keashil was born in Golshuz.

902 Sinalth took Thalissa as a concubine. Menish travelled to Atonir to try and civilise the Vorthenki and was received well. Sinalth listened to him. Thalissa seduced him.

903 Vorish, son of Thalissa, was born. Althak was also born this year. He was the son of the house of Amoldon, one of the invaders.

907 Grath was born near Gildenthal.

909-911 During this period Menish again visited Atonir. He found Sinalth besotted with Thalissa and encouraged by her to ignore Menish’s advice. Because of this Menish encouraged Sinalth to put Thalissa away, but she tried to poison Menish and killed Olcean (Menish’s friend) by mistake. Sonalish was born in Kronithal in 910.

911 Sinalth died and his son, Thealum, tried to kill Vorish. Menish rescued him but left Thalissa for Thealum’s men. She was thrown into Kelerish. The long war for Relanor began.

912 Azkun of Kelerish was born.

918 Drinagish, son of Adhara’s sister, was born in Kronithal.

922 Vorish conquered Relanor and subdued the Vorthenki invaders with the help of Menish. The dragon post at Atonir was torn down and burned, Thealum was starved to death in the dungeons of Atonir.

928 Olcish was born. Vorish married Sonalish.

936 Azkun of Kelerish left the Chasm.