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I’ve just uploaded a collection of short stories and poems to Smashwords.

It is called Where Sheep May Safely Graze because one of the longer stories is called that.
There are several about cats, especially our (departed) cats and there’s some NZ culture/history buried in there as well.

Excerpt from ‘Catflap”

The cat stared up at him as though it knew all about the entry and he was being tiresome about it. Then it proceeded to have a bath, the kind of cello-playing bath one feels obliged to look away from unless one knows the cat well.

Most of them are very short and it is all free.

Where Sheep May Safely Graze

You’ll find my other writings on smashwords too:
Summon Your Dragons
The White Fox

I have to put in a word for Smashwords here. These clever people are making it easy for people like me to publish fiction. Publishing conventionally is hard, very hard. Writers have to work at getting a publisher to take notice of them. But actually most of us just want to write. I have no expectations of getting wildly popular, I just want somewhere to put what I’ve written and people can find it if they want. Smashwords does a fine job of that, they automatically convert the work into formats readable by various devices such as eBook readers and phones (yes, people read this stuff on their smart phones). They also allow me to collect a small fee or give it away free.

My first book: Summon Your Dragons, is free. The sequel, The White Fox, has a tiny charge on it. This is mostly because people download things and don’t necessarily read them. I figure if they like the first book and then PAY to download the second they probably actually like it, especially since they can read half of the second one for free. That encourages me to spend some time writing the third book.

Now, my stuff is okay if you like historical fantasy, but for a really good read check out my wife’s writing. These are stories set in 19th century New Zealand and they are brilliant.

Start with Sentence of Marriage and you probably won’t be able to put them down.

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